Air Conditioning

Enjoy Comfortable Driving All Year Round By Maintaining Your Air-Conditioning System

Over time your air-conditioning system often break down which results in an uncomfortable driving experience for you and your passengers. Don’t be caught in the position of being stuck in a scorching (or freezing) car without an air conditioner because you put off servicing it!

What are the most common issues with car air conditioners?

  • Coolant leaks
  • Low gas level in the system
  • Old or chafed hoses
  • Faults with compressor, condenser or evaporator

Our services can include:

  • Air-conditioning and heating system diagnosis
  • coolant and  refrigerant assessment
  • Performance test of air conditioning
  • Check drive belts
  • Check operation of cooling fans
  • Check hoses and condenser

G&S Auto’s team are experienced in all types of car air conditioner repairs and maintenance. By ensuring your air conditioner is included in your cars regular services you can enjoy year round driving comfort.

Need to book your car in for an air-conditioning service? Contact us today.

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