Brake Checks and Replacements

Don’t Risk An Accident By Neglecting Your Brakes – G&S Offers Brake Checks And Replacement To Improve Your Stopping Ability

The safety of you and your passengers is highly dependent on your ability to stop your car, both in normal operation and in case of an emergency. They are one of the key areas of your car that cannot be neglected. At the slightest sign of malfunction including strange noises, feeling “off” when you brake or an odd smell you need to get your car checked out as soon as possible by a qualified, experienced brake mechanic.

G&S Auto’s brake mechanics have specialised skills to repair all types or brake problems across all makes and models of cars, and small trucks including:

  • Replacing brake pads, disk rotors, pedals, drums, callipers
  • Handbrake repairs
  • ABS Systems
  • All types of car brake systems including front, rear and handbrakes.

Need to get your brakes checked ASAP? Contact us today to organise your free inspection and report