Got Questions? Below You’ll Find Some Of Those Most Frequently Asked

1 Are you available to help 24/7?

See question 12 below regarding our partnership with Day & Night towing. If your car is towed to us during the day we can look at it ASAP.

2 Are you open Saturdays?

Yes for minor mechanical work, servicing and NSW registration inspections and ACT inspecton.

3 Can you service and repair all types of cars?

Yes, pretty much. There are only a few cars we don’t due to them needed highly specialised equipment. We can even service and repair small trucks up to 5 tonnes.

4 Do I have to get my new car serviced at the dealership? Or can I come to you?

No you don’t need to take it back to the dealership. As long as you can show regular maintenance by a licenced mechanical workshop that’s registered and work is completed by a licenced mechanic, using genuine parts you will maintain your warranty from new.

5 Do you do after hours drop off and pick up?

Yes we can if you need us to. Just have a chat and we’ll do everything we can to assist.

6 Do you do rego inspections and repairs for cars and small trucks?

Yes we do for both NSW and ACT up to 5 tonnes.

7 Do you use reputable brands?

Yes. We only use genuine parts or OE approved aftermarket parts that meet the same specifications as the originals.

8 How can I trust that you’ll take care of my car?

Tony has been in this business for more than 18 years servicing and maintaining a range of vehicles from supercars through to Chery brand. Each car is treated like one of our own with the utmost most car taken. We take the time to inspect your car before work commences in case there is damage you aren’t aware of and Tony himself test drives each car to ensure that he is happy with the workmanship and how the car drives before he signs off for it to be returned to you. 

We also offer a warranty policy of 10,000 km or 6 mounts on all servicing and mechanical work completed.

9 How can my car use less fuel?

Regular maintenance and servicing is our top tip for improving fuel economy. A well maintained car simply runs better. Other factors that play a role are type of fuel used, tyre pressure and how you drive your car.

10 How long can I drive with a punctured tyre?

DON’T! Put the spare on and have the main tyre repaired to Australian standards

11 How often does my battery needs changing?

As part of service it is checked with a diagnostic tool that shows the approx. battery life. Most new cars need 9v to run and it is best not to let them die completely. So basically, make sure it’s being checked in your regular services and you should have plenty of warning for when you’ll need a new one.

12 I got stranded in the middle of Civic, can you help?

We’ve partnered up with Dragi from Day & Night Towing who can be reached on 0419 631 501. He offers a 24/7 towing service with access to a locked area to securely store your car if the breakdown happens during the night.

13 What is causing the vibrations when I drive?

This could be caused by lots of different things. We suggest you bring it in so we can quickly assess.

14 When do I know the brakes need to be serviced?

Brakes can be serviced at any time. Warning signs to look for are metal on metal sound, high pitched squealing, poor performance, pulling severely to one side, soft pedal feel, and a car that doesn’t stop well. Newer cars generally have a light warning on the dash to let you know.

15 Where is the rattling noise coming from?

It could be anything from spare change under your seat to a problem with the engine. Bring it in and we can take a look

16 Why is the clutch feeling hard to press on?

Problem with the clutch or driveline need to be inspected ASAP. If you feel anything is wrong with the transmission whether in an auto or a manual get it checked out as it can be potentially costly if not addressed quickly.