Free Inspection and Report

Request Your Free Inspection & Report From G&S Auto

We know that customers hate surprises when it comes to the cost of repairing their car which is why we offer a FREE inspection and report so you know upfront how much things are going to cost before you commit.

What do we do during an inspection?

  • Start from the top we check over the interior of the car including front window, lights, indicators, hazard lights, heater controls, windows and all the seatbelts
  • Exterior and under the hood - condition and pressure of tyre, oil levels, brake fluid, transmission, power steering fluid and radiator
  • Visual check of leaks like fuel, oil and coolant
  • Check condition of all hoses
  • Put the car up on the hoist – remove wheels and check each brake (pads, shoes and for leaks), check suspension for wear
  • Road test to see how it drives and if there are any issues not visually noted on inspection

What’s included in the report you’ll receive?

  • Percentage of brake material and brake fluid remaining
  • Condition of oils
  • Tyre wear and pressure
  • Coolant percentage remaining
  • Outline of repairs needed by next service
  • Outline of repairs needed immediately including a timeline of repair
  • An estimate for the cost of repairs

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