Our Services

G&S Auto Offers A Full Range Of Services To Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly And Safely

Car Servicing

We offer logbook servicing for a wide range of luxury and standard cars and small trucks. Don’t pay dealership servicing prices when you can receive the highest level of care at a reasonable price without affecting your warranty.
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Car Inspections

We are accredited to complete inspections required for both NSW and ACT car registrations. Something not quite right with your car but you’re not sure what? We offer full inspections to investigate the potential causes.
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Mechanical Repairs

Got a problem with your car? Get it repaired by a team of professionals with the skills and knowledge to get you back on the road without the fuss and extreme price tag.
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Tyre Checks & Replacements

We offer a wide range of top quality tyre brands to get you safely back on the road. Think you might have a tyre issue? Our tyre check service means we can give them the once over to make sure there aren’t any problems.
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Brake Checks & Replacements

Brakes are something you don’t want to take a risk with. To ensure your safety, if you have any concerns, call us to book a brake check. If an issue is discovered our team includes brake specialists who can assess and rectify the problem.
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Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Air conditioning is crucial for comfortable driving so when it starts to heat or cool less than it used to its time book in for a service.
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Fuel Economy Improvement

No one likes to spend more than necessary on fuel for their car so ensure you have everything in place to make the most of every litre.
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